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Photographs designed to truly and precisely capture your personality and style!

Looking for a photographer in Philadelphia to capture contemporary headshots and or personal/family portraits? Are you planning an event for branding, your Birthday or need portraits for your recent engagement? Well, portrait photography is one of the trickiest styles of photography and needs a lot of skills and expertise. BeAbstrakt is known for its captivating portraits. We offer the highest quality portraits that capture the personality and emotion of the people around them. We have gained a solid reputation for our authentic and engaging portraits of people. Whether you need portraits for editorial reasons or for advertising, we are here to assist you.

BeAbstrakt has been capturing photographs for clients in the Philadelphia area for more than 10 years. Over the years, we have gained immense experience and expertise in the domain. We understand the difference between corporate and personal photoshoots and the requirements behind each job. So, our style of shoot will depend on your need and objective of the portrait shoot. If you do not have any location for the shoot, don’t worry, you can come to our studio. We offer in-studio as well as on-location shoots.

Choosing a photographer in Philadelphia can be really tricky! We are determined to ease the process for you. We know that it is easier to shoot photos once you are comfortable with the photographer. We try our best to make our clients feel at ease and comfortably interact with us. Based on our experience, we also guide them on what colors look good for portrait shots, poses they can give and more. Though taking just a few headshots seems simple, it is surely not the case. Careful planning is important to execute the shot correctly!

Come to us with your portrait photography requirements and we will discuss the options available. Let’s talk today, I am ready to book!


Jarell Johnson, Owner

GOOD Space Studio (ST A304)

4500 Worth St

Philadelphia, PA 19124

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